Tapping Fees

With a lateral connection at LAJSA’S main line the Tapping fee is as follows:

  • Tapping Fee –   $1150.00/EDU.
  • Inspection fee  $150.00/lateral
  • Total –                 $1,300.00/EDU

For a service connection that requires LAJSA to install a saddle on our main line the costs are as follow:

  • Tapping fee –      $1150.00/EDU
  • Inspection fee – $150.00/lateral
  • Saddle fee –        $300.00/saddle (our crew drilling the hole and installing a saddle on an exposed main line)
  • Total –                  $1,600.00/EDU

* 1 EDU equals 250gal/day (per LAJSA’s Act 57 study)
* If no lateral is present under a paved street or public Right of Way the homeowner is responsible for all construction costs associated with the installation of the lateral, including street restoration and Permits.